"Where do you begin with a company with such a rich heritage? As our history spans over fifty years it may be an idea to get set with a wee refreshment and fancy piece before you embark on the story of the journey that has made us who we are today" – George Ross (Founder)

It all began back in 1962 with a young, fresh faced couple who had a desire to keep traditional bakery in the North East alive. George and Betty Ross had no experience in business, but armed with a sum of money made from selling their car and a loan from the bank, they bought a struggling bakery in Premnay and set about turning it into a base from which to run their two, clapped out old delivery vans, acquired as part of the business.

This was no mean feat and the couple struggled for the first year until profits began to ring in the tills. Spurred on by this and now with a taste for success, George and Betty looked at ways to expand the business. This came with the acquisition of two more shops, one in Insch and one in Inverurie, and in the form of outside catering and wholesale supply on a small scale which proved extremely popular from the outset.

But it wasn’t until ten years later in 1972 that the Ross family got their first really big break. Premises in nearby Port Elphinstone, previously the bakery for Donside Cooperative which last lit its ovens during the First World War, became available and the couple jumped at the chance to take on this site that consisted of a bakery, house and shop. In true business-minded fashion, the site was transformed into a then state of the art bakery and convenience store which opened its doors in 1974 and was to become the first in a very long line of JG Ross locations.

Business continued to expand by opening bakery shops, convenience stores and Coffee Shops and increasing the wholesale customer base. It also grew through a small number of acquisitions which included LD Forrest based in Portsoy from long term family friend Leslie Forrest.

But 2007 saw the biggest investment into the company so far when JG Ross opened a state of the art bakery and catering facility in Highclere, Inverurie. The expansive premises combine a 120 seat coffee shop, restaurant, outside play area, convenience store and office space and are the primary location for the production of our sweet, savoury and baked goods including our Garioch Oat Bread and Ola Oatcakes which have been fundamental to showing our commitment to healthy eating.

Always keen to keep up with the times and demand for new products, JG Ross, with the support of Scottish Enterprise, invested a further £300k into our continued development and we reopened our Portsoy bakery which is now a dedicated gluten free production site. Gluten free production is now steadily underway in this bakery and is continuing to grow every day as the demand increases.

So given the Ross family’s passion for success and unstoppable drive to keep producing both traditional and innovative bakery products of the highest quality, only good things are in sight for the company’s future.

George and Betty Ross with wee Graeme Ross in the very first bakery where it all began


Proudly opening our state of the art bakery in 2007