Meet the Team

We’re a very close knit bunch at JG Ross and we owe our success to team work, a shared vision of how we want to run a business and a mutual love of cakes and baking. Here’s a little bit about each of us...

George Ross

Founder & Executive Chairman

The Big Daddy and namesake of the company, George takes the crown for longest serving member of staff, as besides taking a chance on a rundown shop some fifty odd years ago, he still plays an active role in the day to day running of JG Ross. Buttery guru George is partial to the odd rowie and a stickler for tradition when it comes to making their award winning Aberdeen rolls.

Cameron Ross

Production Director

The talent and man behind the development of many of our famous and award winning products, craft baker Cameron won’t settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to production and has been known to “sample” cakes, bakes and biscuits long after the recipe has been approved... just to make sure!

Graeme Ross

Commercial Director

The man at the helm when it comes to keeping things running smoothly, accountant Graeme tends to stay out of the bakery but is never too far away, especially when a fresh batch of award winning pies has just been baked... brain food, he calls them.

Dianne Smith

Sales & Marketing Manager

Dianne adds the glamour and the creative thinking here. She is a relatively new addition to the company but is already proving to be invaluable when it comes to showing JG Ross in all its glory. You’ve her to thank for the omnipresence of JG Ross and its products... she will accept yum yums as means of showing gratitude, by the way.

Akshay Tandon

Retail Manager

The shopaholic who is responsible for keeping the shelves stocked, offers flowing and customers coming back for more, retail manager Akshay has many sites around the North East to look after and manages this by getting some well needed energy from his favourite JG Ross item – the classic iced doughring.

George Robertson

Production Manager

George is the overseer and man in charge of making sure every bite of every JG Ross product reaches you in perfect condition. George meticulously inspects products, samples goods and checks quality – that’s perhaps why he has become partial to a freshly made pancake when break time comes.

Suzie Laird

Technical Manager

Suzie is the stickler and one who keeps everyone and everything in check and complying with the rules. Technically Suzie’s job is very demanding and requires a penchant for being exact, and that’s why she can often be found relaxing with a cuppa and a cake after a busy day – just one of the perks of the job.

Kathryn Thomson

Financial Manager

As the person in charge of the purse strings and who to attribute great products at great prices to, Kathryn makes an impression with her unrelenting love for all JG Ross’s sweet treats – this woman is tempted to eat all the cupcakes and overtime may be on the cards for the bakers...