JG Ross title our team
Our best ingredient has always been our people!
Our success is not only down to the drive and passion of George, Betty and the Ross family but the craftsmanship, creativity, hard work and commitment from our fantastic team allow us to continue to deliver a high standard of product and service to our customers.
Shop manager standing outside JG Ross shop
JG Ross vans and delivery drivers lined up
Our hard-working packers make sure all our products are carefully packed to ensure you receive every softie, buttery or yum-yum in perfect condition. We have a brilliant fleet of van drivers that, early in the morning, load their precious cargo into their modern dual temperature vans, and set out to ensure you have fresh goods first thing! Our friendly and helpful shop assistants are a real asset in our shops - making fresh sandwiches or coffees and ensuring your visit to a JG Ross shop is a pleasure.
Group of bakers standing in JG Ross Highclere Bakery
Woman with headset on in office, sales team. JG Ross
Of course none of this would be possible without our Operations and Sales teams, we have at our head office in Highclere, Inverurie. 


What do you enjoy about your job?
"Once you are all loaded and drive away from the bakery you have the freedom of the open road and are in your own little world. I enjoy listening to podcasts while I’m driving and then having a bit of banter with the customers when I stop to deliver their goods."
What’s your favourite JG Ross product?
"The buttery.  What better way to start your day!"
Hamish Clark
Delivery Driver
JG Ross delivery driver sat in van
What do you enjoy about your job?
"I love working with my friends in packing.  We are a really good team, all helping each other to get the job done."
What’s your favourite JG Ross product?
"I love our shortbread!!!"
Inga Terentjeva
Woman standing in bakery with a tray of freshly baked buns
What do you enjoy about your job?
"As Head Baker the most enjoyable thing is going into any JG Ross shop or stockist and seeing all our products lined up on the shelves. The pride that it brings knowing the graft and the craft that goes into each and every product."
What’s your favourite JG Ross product?
"Butteries and Mince & Skirlie Pies."
David Barry
Production Manager
Baker standing in bakery highclere JG Ross
What do you enjoy about your job?
"The people of course. I love helping our wholesale customers with their orders and queries and having a good chat at the same time. I’ve got to know many of them well over the past 10 years."
What’s your favourite JG Ross product?
"My family are partial to a Yum-Yum or a Carrot Cake Muffin."
Claire Taylor
Customer Service Assistant
JG Ross customer service assistant in an office